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Those who choose Enfasee want to experience marriage as an exciting fairy tale to remember forever and relive at first glance. Who chooses Enfasee, chooses to own photos and videos of author that tell in the most authentic way the most beautiful day of life. The studio will carry out technically excellent, professional work with that personal touch that makes each image an eternal and never banal memory. Enfasee is located in Vasto Chieti in Abruzzo and reaches you wherever you are loves destination weddings.

Work method

To tell in a natural way all the love and complicity of the spouses
it is essential to be able to count on the experience of knowing the world
of the wedding. For this reason, the Enfasee team will be happy to accompany you, step by step, in the composition of the service that best suits your personality and your character.

Offered services

When talent, competence and innovation are combined, the result can only surprise: Enfasee manufactures tailor-made solutions in which each
detail is treated impeccably. Naturalness of light, music and
professional quality audio, film post production and the latest generation of instruments guarantee a unique result that will make you smile and move every time you see it again.

Opinions about Enfasee - Wedding Tales

4.9 5 reviews
By Manuela
I used their services for my wedding

The wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions ... it is an absolutely fantastic day ... but after months of preparation that day goes by in the blink of an eye and there is the risk of missing moments or details !!! don't worry ... there are the fantastic guys from Enfasee !!! They are special people !!! I don't really like being photographed ... but with them the panic of the lens disappears !!! They tiptoed into our lives ... they caught all our fears and made it a masterpiece. With their sympathy, their professionalism, their talent, their discretion and infinite patience they made everything simple, all natural !!! do not expect photos or artifact poses ... they manage to seize the moment ... the moment ...reality. It's amazing how they manage to make your special day unique by giving shape and color to your love !!!

Enfasee ... the winning choice !!!

Manuela & Valerio

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By Benedetta
I used their services for my wedding

The wedding day is unrepeatable. And that's the point! It is a cascade of emotions that involves all aspects of the person: emotional, sentimental, familiar, aesthetic. Nothing remains outside the door. Over time, the desire to relive everything, over and over again, to cross every emotion, to ... rewind the tape grows. And at this point there is only one way .... Relying on experts, real artists, this is the only way to guarantee that the most precious moments, the strongest emotions, the details never negligible, the overwhelming joy and the most intimate emotions are authentically represented, just as we have experienced them. Without heavy poses, intrommission, but with lightness, dynamism, with the care of expert eyes and with the talented direction and monatggio skills. For us this is emphatic . Many things will be stored in the closet, but not the photos and videos. For this reason we believe that the choice of those who take care of photos and videos cannot be wrong. It is the most precious expense, it is the possibility to rewind the tape and keep beauty with it, as many times as you want, for this thanks Enfasee , for "every day" of our wedding ️

Benedetta & Massimo

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By Angela
I used their services for my wedding

When I imagined and fantasized about my wedding   I always thought about them and when that day came my wedding asked me: so who do you think about the photos? Without hesitation I mentioned their name. Well done, professional and I would say with an extra gear The collection of unforgettable moments is a magical treasure chest that illuminates our hearts. Thanks to all the Enfasee staff

Ps we are ready to remarry and you ???

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