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About 250,000 are born daily. people. Everyone for a purpose, with a mission to accomplish. Everyone has to travel, shorter or more complicated, and during the course they will get a lot of lessons, gain experience, experience ups and downs. It is this path that shapes man. During it, images that recall memories are saved in our memory. Many times they make us happy and entertain, and also bring tears, not only happiness. All this makes each person different, everyone has their own unique story to tell ...

Over the years I have acquired skills that I do not need in the field of photography, but I was able to learn a part of myself. I know that all lines, shapes, colors, lights and shadows are not visible to everyone. I realized that I perceive ordinary everyday life a little differently. I used to paint pictures in my head and with a pencil, I tried to transfer them to a sheet of paper, but it was only when I picked up the camera that I found my real self and discovered my passion.

I realize myself through photography. I combine my own skills with other people's experiences. In the photos I try to show my feelings. I am looking for emotions, joy, sadness and love. I tell stories.

Today I paint only with the camera ...

Opinions about Kulesza Photography

4.9 15 reviews
By Dorota
I used their services for my wedding

Full professionalism, culture, positive attitude. Tomasz made a report from our wedding and reception, beautiful photos! Captured moments, we recommend with all my heart! 🥰

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By Magda
I used their services for my wedding

I recommend with all my heart. Cooperation and the whole effect of the work is phenomenal, Mr. Tomek exceeded all my wildest expectations

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By Otylia Łukuć
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

Tomek is the best photographer I know :) always professionally prepared, involved in 100%, and at the same time smiling and full of positive energy :) I recommend :)

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