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Click E Chic Fotografi di Matrimonio a Milano

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Click E Chic - Wedding Photographers in Milan

Click and Chic wedding photographers.

Beautiful music is always happy to listen, whether it's a piece broadcast on the radio, an mp3, a cd. Its notes can be linked to memories, or they know how to make special strings vibrate in us. Photography is like music: with its evocative power it preserves memories, fascinates, moves unconscious thoughts.
By whatever means it is taken, a photo must captivate, drag, like music. It must follow certain rules and then reject them, to innovate and acquire its own peculiar style, that "sound" that makes it special and distinguishable among many.
It is with this spirit that Click E Chic moves: unique and original shots that combine taste, technique and irony and that can be made digitally, on film, on polaroid; then printed in a book, or framed in a passepartout and stored in the Crystal Photo Box, what always counts is the high quality of the photos, regardless of the medium and support used.
Classic, pop, rock dance: the soundtrack of the whole day follows different rhythms, all replayable in a Click E Chic image.
The origin of its photographers from different worlds - fashion, publishing, art - allows the studio to maintain a creative attitude, which generates unconventional, but always elegant and exclusive wedding services.
Banned from the predefined poses, every wedding is different and its uniqueness shines through in the shots. Every imposition banned, the carefree, cheerfulness and beauty of the day emerge in the photographs.

Click E Chic: our free look generates unique photos!

Opinions about Click E Chic Fotografi di Matrimonio a Milano

4.9 9 reviews
By Giulia
I used their services for my wedding

"Because every picture Tells a story"

I met Andrea and Barbara at a friend's wedding 3 years ago. We decide to get married too, I immediately write a message to Andrea: ".. are you September 21st? Without you you can't do it !!!"

Andrea and Barbara are amazing: you have captured the spontaneity of moments, of our moments, letting them live in the photographs you have made to us. Your photos tell our story, they reveal the villa, the colors, the faces and the smiles of our friends and relatives These photos have a soul, they are a bomb of emotions, a flooding river that overwhelms us every time we concern them .

No poses for hours and no photos equal to a thousand others already seen. Only so much fun, so much seriousness and so much indiscretion.

You have immortalized our special day and every time we browse through the pages of our album we are able to experience the same emotions, hear the same voices and remember the words we exchanged! Thanks, huge!

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By Michela
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

Thank you guys!!! With Andrea and Barbara it was love at first sight! Immediately clear and available! We didn't want boring photos with absurd poses and they far exceeded our expectations! I've never been afraid of the lens, which often happens. Every time I see the photos of that day, I laugh and cry with happiness! You have set the perfect frame for that day! I, Salvo and little Sara thank you very much!

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By Francesca
I used their services for my wedding

Click & Chic: true professionals! Shots of the highest quality have made sure that my wedding album was elegant but original! Consigliatissimi !!!

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4 months
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No travelling expenses
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