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Felix Faura chooses to work only special weddings and special boyfriends. That's their philosophy because that's where the most special weddings will be born. His studio is located in Malaga but he travels for work around the world and also throughout Spain .

This photographer does not choose the couple because they are more or less beautiful or because their wedding costs more or less money. Look for boyfriends who get away for their wedding, when they write to you they notice that they get married for love and that they are interested because they like their photography and they understand the way they work.

His photograph denies the posadas. He likes to capture gestures, looks, feelings, the photographer has to be another guest. The day of the wedding usually arrives first at the place where the groom dresses. A fter visit to the bride and and accompanies them to the place of the ceremony. That day has no time limit. Take pictures in the place where each of the bride and groom dress, place of the ceremony (field, church, hotel, farmhouse, farmhouse, beach, etc ...), during the time between the ceremony and the banquet, the dance, the surprises , the speeches of relatives, the photocall and the party.

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