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Espaço Shangrilá

  • Capacity (seated): 300
  • Capacity (standing): 300
  • Discount 15% Download
  • Main value: Orçamentos a partir de R$5.000
  • Website

If you are going to get married in Minas Gerais and are looking for a place that escapes the rush of big cities, but that is easily accessible and with a beautiful infrastructure, you will like to visit Espaço Shangrilá .

Shangrilá is located in Mateus Leme , 40 km from Belo Horizonte. Passionate about nature, the Espaço Shangrilá team takes care of the local gardens with great affection, a gateway for couples and guests. Another differential of Espaço Shangrilá is the attention to each supplier that provides services to customers, not to mention the constant innovations in environments and infrastructure , all to ensure the best quality.

Get in touch now with Espaço Shangrilá and discover all the services and possibilities for your big day. To be even more enchanted, schedule a visit and surprise yourself. You and your guests will celebrate love in style and unforgettable.

Opinions about Espaço Shangrilá

5.0 30 reviews
By Gabriela
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

I am enchanted by the beauty of the place every time I set foot there!! The service and accommodations are impeccable... Each corner was thought out with great care to make the moments unique and special: it is easy to see this care in the details! It's worth the visit!

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By Francielly Helenara Rodrigues Alves
I used their services for my wedding

Undoubtedly the best choice. Complete place, where it offers space for photos, bride and groom day, ceremony and party. It was beautiful and immaculate. The excellent service, the owners and staff are welcoming and accompanied the entire process. I indicate 100%

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By Stefany
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

Pleasant place, beautiful and with service note 1000!!!

I recommend with eyes closed!

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What are the key features of the venue?
Garden, Terrace, Swimming-pool, Parking, Panoramic views, Disabled access
What is the menu starting price?
Negocia-se com a visita
Price range
Mid price
Are the furnishings and decorations included when agreeing to the contract?
Furniture not included in rental
Do you offer in-house catering?
No catering service available
Does the reception have a time limit?
No restrictions
What special menus can you offer?
Vegetarian menus
Can the couple provide their own drinks for the reception?
The couple can bring their drinks at the reception
What drink options are available?
Some drinks included in menu
Do you have more than one event running at the same time?
One event per day only
What are your terms of payment?
Condições especiais mediante visita ao local ou por telefone. Desconto para portadores de necessidades especiais, casais LGBTQIA+, eventos sem bebidas alcoólicas e eventos diurnos.
How long has your business been running?
What kind of wedding venue would you most like?
Natural Garden
Maximum number of guests in banquet mode (seated):
Maximum number of guests in cocktail mode (standing):
Briefly state what main feature you would highlight about your business?
Orçamentos a partir de R$5.000


15% de desconto em qualquer casamento realizado no Espaço Shangrilá

Se vai casar em Minas Gerais e está procurando um local que fuja da correria das grandes cidades, mas que seja de fácil acesso e com uma belíssima infraestrutura, vai gostar de conhecer o Espaço Shangrilá. 

Ganhe 15% de desconto em qualquer orçamento na visita ao local! Isso mesmo, venha ao Espaço Shangrilá presencialmente para ganhar seu cupon de desconto e usufruir com todos os benefícios que o local oferece... 

Agende seu horário pelo whatsapp (31)97126-5400. Segunda à sexta, de 9h às 18h. Horários especiais aos sábados, domingos e feriados. 


Terms and Conditions

  • Valid until Dec 31, 2022
  • Para visitas realizadas ainda em 2022

Street Address

City: 35670-000