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Dirce Corrêa is aware that wedding cake is one of the great symbols of the party and are increasingly elaborate and are indispensable to make the party more delicious.   In this way, Dirce Côrrea has a vast portfolio with cake decoration where the bride and groom will be able to be inspired or even make re-readings of famous cakes to find their ideal sweet whose result will be a unique sweet made with a very capricious and tasty.

Thus, the cake designer orna the cakes with   flowers,   ties, ribbons, carefully crafted designs, and what else the bridegroom's imagination wants. With delicious flavors of white pasta, coconut, nuts and chocolate; and fillings like almond,   Brigadeiro,   caramel and dulce de leche among others for the couple to choose. In this way, in the cake case, the success of your wedding party will be assured.

Opinions about Dirce Corrêa Bolos

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By janesheva1
I rated this service for my wedding

We were very well received by Mr. Paulo.

We talked about the type of cake we wanted and soon after we tried a piece of cake that is divine.

The dough is light and the fillings are excellent.

The sweet and light taste combine in a delicate way.

Super Approved!

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By vladydassa
I know them professionally

I am a professional in the field and as a sweet, with a taste bud and another vision, I never saw anything like it !!! It looks like granny's cake that spoils in the mouth. Sweet in the right measure, top quality material and impeccable decoration. She made my 50 year old cake that left nothing rsrsrs besides making all the family cakes. In addition, the service done by D. Dirce and Sr Paulo is impeccable. Super recommend !!!!

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By angelicaabilio
I used their services for my wedding

Simply the best cake I have ever eaten. I'm a confectioner, I've had several tastings and Dirce's wins!

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