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Dino Sidoti fotografo

Finding a harmony of purpose between me and the subjects, this is the goal that I set myself in my work.

A lens that comes from the love for spontaneous photography and natural poses. Without imposing limits, I propose to the subjects poses in which they feel at ease.

I am looking for a photographic dialogue, in short, where the shot represents the fruit of moments spent together. A dialogue that continues even in post-production, scrupulously curated by me and my collaborators, so that no one else can interpret my images.

I love photography in its entirety. A love born 30 years ago, passing from the dark room to the light room, from film to digital memory. Since then the means have changed, but the passion has remained unchanged, as well as the aim: to create beautiful images.

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Photography, video
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concordate con il cliente
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More than 6 months
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Appointment not required
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8 mesi
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