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The traditional and delicious well-married can not be left out of the wedding and for you to enchant your guests with these candies, you need to know Denise Cristina Bem Casados .

The passion for the well-married made mother and daughter create a specialized atelier in these delights. With fluffy dough, hearty filling and crispy crust , the bite pleases in all the events in which they were served. And to give a touch more, the bride and groom choose between traditional or custom packaging , everything to please the taste and also the visual.

If your wedding will be held in Rio de Janeiro or region , contact the professionals of the Denise Cristina Bem Casados studio, request a quote and place your orders.

Opinions about Denise Cristina Bem Casados

4.9 5 reviews
By dr.ricardovillanova
I used their services for my wedding

Great! This word translates what comes to be these well-married! Added to this, it still has the quality of presentation and distribution. Speechless! Congratulations!

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By carinesbarreto
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

Yummy !! The staff is super professional and helpful !! I loved the brownie

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By lilazinhaaa
I used their services for my wedding

Without a doubt the best I've ever eaten.

Excellent filling, without misery. The cake with a great taste and the uniform format.

It's already on my list when the wedding is mine!


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Com mais de 30 anos de mercado, a Denise Cristina é, e sempre foi, focada em levar excelência para a sua mesa. Hoje se dedica aos Bem Casados para lhe surpreender a cada foto e, principalmente, a cada mordida! Sim, quem disse que uma tradição não pode ser surpreendente? Estamos aqui para fazer a diferença no seu evento!
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