Tamara de Alba and Fulgencio Enrique Bodas & Glamor sas

An ideal option! To forget stress and enjoy a dream wedding !

The essential objective of our company Tamara de Alba and Fulgencio Enrique Bodas & Glamor. sas is to provide our boyfriends orderly planning and implementation of B odes Glamorous! Elegant and high-end, having in our favor the beautiful and historic city of Cartagena de Indias as a romantic and colonial setting.

Planning and Carrying out a wedding can be exhausting and very stressful for the bride, and all brides who have gone through the innumerable preparations necessary to organize such an important event of this nature know that.

That is why the ideal is to hire Tamara de Alba and Fulgencio Enrique Bodas & Glamor. sas one of the best and most qualified W edding Planners in Cartagena! and Colombia !.

In addition to our personalized attention with all our boyfriends Tamara de Alba and Fulgencio Enrique Bodas & Glamor. sas will objectively channel the administration, planning, integral realization of your wedding, with our entire work team, we will mark the great difference and high-end exclusivity! in our marriages, with the authentic stamp of Tamara de Alba and Fulgencio Enrique Bodas & Glamor. sas

You will not have to worry about anything! because "Your wedding is our passion".

Phones: (57) 315 481 9714 301 224 3198

"Your Wedding Our Passion"

Opinions about Bodas & Glamour s.a.s

5.0 10 reviews
By bochicas3
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

I am very happy and grateful to the Wedding & Glamor team, they are truly professionals in everything, I was happy with my wedding. Thank you for your support and extraordinary advice, GOD continue to bless you.

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By jeraor_0725
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

We want to thank you and as you told us that we leave our testimony, because they are the best thanks! Thanks

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By jeraor_0725
I rated this service for my wedding

Excited with the wedding thanks to the team of BodasyGlamour thanks Ful and Tama, we loved the decoration and all the direction of the wedding super grateful :)

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Price range
What are your terms of payment?
Mediante un contrato de prestación de servicios se reservaran a los proveedores y a Tamara Alfaro BodasyGlamour s.a.s con un 50% del costo total de la Boda y el restante mínimo una semana antes de la realización del evento de la Boda
Do you directly receive payment from the couples you work with?
From the couple
Do you work exclusively with certain suppliers?
Exclusive to certain suppliers
What is your starting price?
US 10.000
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
Tamara Alfaro Bodas&Glamour S.A.S se caracteriza por la personalización con sus novios y por la Elegancia & Glamour de alta gama para darle el toque decorativo y de dirección y protocolo integral con el sello de garantía de Tamara Alfaro Bodas&Glamour S.A.S
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 Tamara Alfaro BodasyGlamour S.A.S

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