Bewilder is a Bay Area floral studio started by Larisa Minerva and Sophia Blum, two artists turned florists. With over 15 years in the industry, we've grown to love timeless, unstructured designs, that herald nature above all else. We favor the local over the luxury and the personal over the perfect, and think no two flowers should ever be exactly the same. Both California natives, we consider the local farms and wildernesses as our backyards. On any given day, you can find us romping through the hills. marveling at a botanical curiosity, or in our studio painting.

In an industry built on expectations, Bewilder aims to celebrate what is real.  We believe the true miracle is that you found each other, and we want to make your day feel as extraordinary as that is. Rather than the trend of the moment, we want to know what your mother grew in her garden, the flowers he gave you on your first date and the floral traditions of your heritage. As intermediaries with nature, it is our goal to craft one of a kind designs inspired by what makes each relationship unique. Communicating through color, form and texture to point out the perfection of a single blossom, or the grace of cascading tendrils, we are continuously awed by the materials we find and we want to share that awe with you. 


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