• Capacity: 2000

Begeman's Retro Food takes care of the catering through Foodtrucks at your event.

Are you getting married, or want to organize a wedding party, and are you looking for something unique?

Then you have come to the right place at Begeman's Retro Food. The caterers are at your location in a unique style with a Food truck with artisanal products. A delicious ice cream in the summer to offer your guests a refreshing drink, or with a refreshing unique cocktail? Or warm syrup waffles with coffee, and the children they can decorate. It is all possible.

Give your party well indoors or outdoors, our exclusive small Food Trucks are next to practically also an Eyecatcher, and a nice decoration of the space.

We understand better than anyone that you expect us to be at the tip of your line, and that is why we consider the experience we provide to be just as important as the quality of our products.

We are happy to come by for a conversation, to think along with you about possibilities, and to coordinate everything well in advance, clearly and clearly. We also offer a free cocktail tasting to put together the right cocktail if you choose.

Why a Food Truck at your wedding now?

  • You know for sure that you have something unique.
  • You have specialized and pleasant caterers at your wedding.
  • Not everyday products.
  • It is still being talked about for a long time.
  • Affordable and efficient.

With your reservation, you will receive a nice gift from us, because you only get married once!

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Opinions about Begemans Retro Food

4.9 1 review
By Suzanne
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

I met you during my girlfriend's wedding at the Amshof.

After dinner suddenly a cool ice cream truck came into the English garden, everyone got up and started spontaneously, ha ha!

You prepared yourself while you kept the kids busy for a while, because they couldn't wait, beautiful sight, when everything was up, and an LP started spinning softly on the ice cream truck, you handed everyone a super delicious ice cream! I didn't even know it, but ohw how delicious it was!

I am already married, but otherwise we definitely chose this concept at our wedding!

Good luck !

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Maximum guest capacity:
2000 man
What is the menu starting price?
Een scherpe prijs. Offerte op aanvraag,
Price range
What other services do you offer?
Minimum guest capacity:
N.v.t. Ook op kleine bruiloften hoort een betaalbare Foodtruck.
What are your terms of payment?
Na goedkeuring van onze offerte, krijgt u na onze diensten tijdens uw bruiloft via de mail een factuur. Deze factuur dient via de bank overgemaakt te worden.
How long has your business been running?
Since 2016

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City: 9636 GS
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