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Hi my name is Asia and if you are here, first of all - I would like to congratulate you on your engagement !!!

I like special moments in my life through the camera lens. Those that surround us every day. My passion is capturing these fleeting and intimate moments of our lives.

People and their real emotions inspire me. In my photographs I love to bring out the beauty of another human being. Beauty that is born from the depth of heart, from real emotions. This is the most wonderful and the most honest in photography.

When photographing, I stop your unique moments in a place and time. I write feelings of joy, warmth, nostalgia and love, excitement and fun . It is more than just an image, this is your story. Who you are. All unique memories only for you. Invite me to your world.

Let me photograph your story, engagement and marriage, pregnancy and the birth of a child. Your first moments together, as a family.

Let me capture your story

Relax and think how much pleasure and fantastic fun will bring you our mutual adventure!

See you soon!


Hi my name is Joanna and first of all - congratulations on your engagement !!!

Through the lens of the camera. They are all intriguing.

I am inspired by people and their emotions . I love to extract another person in my heart - from the real heart, from real emotions. This beauty is the most stunning and most honest in photography.

A photograph captures the moment in place and time, your moment in place and time. It encapsulates feelings of joy, warmth, nostalgia and love, excitement, fun-all indelible memories unique to you. It is more than a picture, it is your story. It is who you are.

Allow me into your world. Let me take a look at your family.

Let me capture your story.

Relax and think how much pleasure, great fun and photo session will bring you!

See you soon!

Opinions about Joanna Paxton

4.8 2 reviews
By Karol
I used their services for my wedding

Above all, full professionalism.

From the first meeting and conversation it was known that we would not be disappointed.

At the wedding and wedding reception Asia once was visible and present close to us, she was able to relieve the stress and tension, and once she became invisible catching beautiful, original shots.

You do not have to pay attention to what you have to do, but if you have your own suggestions or requests, take them into account.

The quality of photos in both digital form and super quality prints.

Any cons? Probably only that the wedding takes only once in a lifetime;)

In a word: I recommend to 5.0;)

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By Magdalena
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

Beautiful photos, professional approaches. I highly recommend and I will probably use it myself on the occasion of my wedding.

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Cudownie jest to słyszeć! Nie mogę się już doczekać Waszego ślubu! ️


Price range
Mid price
What services do you offer?
Photography, Other
What are your terms of payment?
Rezerwacja terminu następuje w momencie podpisania umowy i wpłaty zadatku. Płatność pozostałej kwoty do 7 dni od daty ślubu. Choć spotkanie osobiste nie jest wymagane, to zanim podpiszemy umowę musimy się poznać! :) W przypadku międzynarodowych par, bądź narzeczonych oddalonych ode mnie i od siebie o setki kilometrów proponuję spotkanie np., na Skype! Dzięki temu możemy lepiej się poznać i polubić :)
What's the minimum advance notice that you need?
6 months
Do I need an appointment?
Appointment not required
Is there a charge for travelling to other places?
Possible travelling expenses
Do you work alone or have a team to cover the wedding day?
Pracuję sama! :) Na dużych ślubach gości mogę rozważyć współpracę z drugim, dobrym fotografem.
How long will it take for your clients to receive their photos/video after the wedding?
Czas oczekiwania na galerię zdjęciową uzależniony jest od terminu Waszego ślubu i waha się od 1 do 3 miesięcy. W przypadku wybrania innych usług i produktów (sesje plenerowe, albumy zdjęciowe, wydruki) terminy ustalane są indywidualnie.

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