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Aniela Fotografía

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Aniela is a photographer specialized in weddings in Yucatán. His wedding photoreports are dedicated to following in the footsteps of his protagonists: the couple, with a fresh and dynamic style through which he tells us one and a thousand stories, capturing looks, feelings and emotions between the couple.

This multifaceted photographer flees from the posed photography, constantly looking for the snapshot and beauty of the naturalness of the moment. Convinced that the good photoreport has to be immediate and very objective, try to tell the story of the day and have an aesthetic coherence according to his style.

His portraits look like paintings that are formed brushstroke after brushstroke in the form of beautiful photographs and the result is a truly different work.

Opinions about Aniela Fotografía

4.9 5 reviews
By Bere
I used their services for my wedding

From the second we met we made an amazing CLICK with her ....

We are the kind of couples that do not like to pose for photos or produce much :) We knew from the beginning that finding a photographer with this same idea was going to be a bit difficult ... Seeing the pictures of Ani, we knew that she was just the person we were looking for. Each of his photos conveyed a spontaneity, a nature. His photos were beautiful for their simplicity, but, above all, they were beautiful for the feeling they conveyed. Without hesitation, we chose Aniela as our wedding photographer. With her everything was very easy! During the session, he had us so attacked with laughter and so relaxed, that it was BREAD FOOT (Besides that we took together a few beers that helped us to loose even more ahah). We made it handle millions of kilometers ... come to Monterrey de pisa and run for the informal session, travel through Mexico to reach Zacatecas where our wedding was! But she always super available, and with a mega positive attitude! It is impossible not to be enthralled with your work. Photo taken, photo that falls in love

We are happy with the result ... and if I had to make the decision again that I would hire a photographer I would choose it a thousand times! It is more to say that I recommend them.

I can say without a doubt that it was the best choice we made for our wedding.

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By Ana Victoria
I used their services for my wedding

Aniela took our wedding session and our wedding. He put all his understanding and care into making us feel comfortable before the camera. We did not want to pose or fix ourselves so much for the session, she not only respected our style but encouraged us to be ourselves. For me that is invaluable, that she has been concerned to create a connection with us and that she gave us our space so as not to feel forced to anything, and the result shows it. 100% recommended!

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By Mariana
I used their services for my wedding

I do not even know how to start this review without being creepy haha. Aniela is the best at what she does. For me one of the most important decisions for my wedding was who was going to take the photographs . He knew perfectly what he wanted and what he did not want. I was looking for something much more artistic, different, not the classic wedding photography all caramel and nothing original.
Ani is the best at what she does, she has a super good eye, the best composition , she knows perfectly how to balance colors and exposure . I am more than happy. I think I contacted Ani more than 16 months in advance , I had nothing decided for my wedding but it was very clear that the only photographer I wanted was her. The majority of communication that I had with her was by mail, she is so relieved that you feel from the beginning as if you were dealing with a friend of years ago. We met a little before the event and as I said, being so relieved makes you very relaxed on the day of the wedding and I think that helps perfectly that I can capture all the emotions of that day. I see all the photos that he gave me and each one tells a story and the quality / quality is unbeatable . In short, I would definitely recommend it to EVERYONE. I am the most fan!

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