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More than taking simple pictures, Angela tells you a story: yours .

Italian-born, passionate about photography since her teenage years , Angela has traveled the world for several years to cover Fashion weeks and take advertising photos. Today in Paris, Angela is dedicated exclusively to immortalizing love through beautiful wedding photographs.

Inspired by her Italian childhood , the sun and the flavors of the south, Angela offers bohemian photos that breathe freedom: barefooted brides, crowned with multicolored flowers , walking in the forest, on the edge of a lake ... She seeks to capture the silences, when the emotion becomes too strong , but also the laughter and the complicit glances, and seeks above all to minimize the irresistible beauty that gives the love .

Angela accompanies you from the fitting of the dress to the champagne . His photos are delivered on USB keys in high quality format, up to 2 months maximum after your ceremony. This professional image offers several choices of packages from 1600 euros , which may include the production of a printed album , the printing of photos or an extra day for an exclusive shoot.

Do not hesitate to contact her !

Opinions about Angela Di Paolo

5.0 16 reviews
By Auriane
I used their services for my wedding

We are delighted to have chosen Angela: the photos of our wedding are sublime...
Angela was perfect: advice on the choice of the formula, tips on the organization of the day, realization of an intimate engagement session in our image which put us at ease, the D-Day led by a master hand to take the right photos, give advice but also to be forgotten and allow the bride and groom and guests to be natural...
Our photos are magnificent even though the weather has been very complicated: storm, dark sky, hail and then crushing sun...
Same for the photos of the engagement session which look very good despite the grayness of the morning
Many thanks for giving us such beautiful memories.
I recommend Angela with eyes closed!

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By Luigi
I used their services for my wedding

There aren't enough words to express how delighted we are to have had Angela as our wedding photographer. She was very pleasant and caring throughout our interactions, extremely professional and with such a natural way of making everyone (us and the guests) at ease which was a real "plus" to make our day of celebration a very beautiful memory for everyone. We are happy to have trusted her, she was truly part of our marriage, it wouldn't have been the same if she hadn't been there. Superb photos that bring the atmosphere of this day to life! The engagement session she proposes to do before the wedding is a must do, it was not something we had envisaged at the beginning and yet it really made us feel more comfortable with her and finally it became a very nice moment and memory for our couple. You absolutely have to call on a photographer for your wedding and especially call on Angela with her eyes closed!

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By Chrstla
I used their services for my wedding

We had the joy of having Angela as a photographer for our religious wedding in September 2020. My husband being very shy in front of the camera, we were able to do an engagement session in Montmartre beforehand. The place was so romantic and lent itself so well to our outfit of the day, that we enjoyed doing this couple session. Angela was able to give my husband the confidence and ease in the face of the device and the result was just phenomenal. I strongly recommend doing this engagement session before the big day because on our wedding day, everything was straightforward! Angela was one of our friends, her professionalism and enthusiasm were praised by all our guests! The discovery of the photos was an explosion of joy, the photos were so magnificent !! We still can't get over it, they exceeded our expectations! Perfection, quality, attention to detail, define his work. From the bottom of my heart thank you Angela for our sublime wedding photos!

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