A passion for photography in all its forms is what animates me and my team. I have been a professional photographer specialized in portraiture for over ten years. My team is composed of Cristian and Francesco, my inseparable photographers, young and dynamic, able to put my idea of photography into practice. They are a fundamental part of my work.

Putting professionalism and seriousness and passion for my work first, I give back images that are able to make me feel again what was felt in the moments immortalized by my photography.

Moving all over Italy and also abroad, I create my photo with a "Reportage" style, from preparation to the end of the day. Discrete approach (without poses or pre-set sets) attention to detail and spontaneity are the main ingredients, without, obviously, making my presence or that of my colleagues weigh.

I always have this goal, through the photos to create a story , a narration as faithful and natural as possible. C these emotions in contexts and situations concerning love, emotions and make them unforgettable.

That is why, starting from the first contact with you, I try to establish a relationship and a feeling of trust to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere that will allow me to give "life" to natural and spontaneous images full of meaning and emotions.

The technique is essential, but it is not enough: it takes imagination, ability to make modern and captivating shots, but above all involve the customer. To do this, I try to capture every minimum aspect of the world around me, all this I need to create something unique that will remain unforgettable for every single person.

There is a need to empathize, to create a special relationship with you and to live "from the inside" the Great Day, to capture its most significant and beautiful moments. Participating in your emotions is essential so that my photos are able to capture them and let you relive them over time.

It can often happen rightly agitated couples ahead of the event. In these cases I must be able, not only to explain the work, but also to advise, instill confidence and reassure about the success of the event.

My work starts with listening to you and your projects , so if you have an idea to propose to me, please contact me and we'll talk about it together!


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By li30.spo
I used their services for my wedding

We are traveling to Tuscany from New York City and thinking about getting our family portraits done while we are there. We were nervous at first when looking for a local photographer. We are so glad we found Alice! She is so professional, responsive, talented and easy to work with, and she is very good at communicating with her about style and logistics. She knows all of the great local places to take good pictures and she is also very patient with our 17 months old. The photos turn out to be exactly what we were looking for: a lot of family interaction with a Tuscany feel! We would highly recommend Alice to anyone who is looking for a photographer in Tuscany!  

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I used their services for my wedding

If we were to summarize the work of Alice and her team in an expression it would be: "Take the moment!" This is what Alice does with her camera, what conquered her ... the reason why we chose her: she manages to capture ATTIMI and make them eternal! When we first met her we were looking for the perfect photographer: an important figure for a wedding, perhaps one of those with the greatest responsibility (of course, for a wedding everything has to be perfect, but over time what the mind forget it is revived by the photographs ... you can forget the taste of the dishes, the music played live, the words used by the celebrant, the flower arrangements ... but the photos will remain forever!). We, among other things, did not want the usual photos set with stiff guests, like a host of soldiers, all with the same fake and always the same expressions that the "pose" imposes on you ... From the beginning instead Alice has thrilled us: available and clear in explanations, passionate about telling how he works. The shots he showed us were just what we were looking for, real and full of life, the spontaneity of people was evident, without many frills ... looking at them it almost seemed to be present at the scene !! The infamous group photos were there (some can't be avoided), but they were never trivial: people jumping, or dressed up with fun accessories or still moving ... During the fateful day then, you almost don't notice her, but of his omnipresence you realize it later, looking at the photos: he managed to capture every person present, even those left alone during the ceremony, and to capture so many details and moments that the emotion and confusion of that day had not made us to notice! The Photo Booth corner is very nice, with which we and our guests had fun during the aperitif: frames, glasses with strange shapes, colored boas, fake mustaches, wigs and accessories, which made our photos even more colorful, besides that more fun and "relax". Super-fast delivery times: we received the specimens about 10 days after our return from the honeymoon and we took a few days to decide which photos to include in the album, but in the end we also trusted her a lot and left her wide freedom of choice. Between layouts of layouts, approval, final printing and delivery, in a couple of months we already had the album in hand. We were a bit skeptical, because we had heard of spouses (who had chosen other photographers) who, more than a year after the wedding, had not even seen the previews yet ... instead she was very fast! The quality / price ratio is also excellent, as is the package offered to us. Another great satisfaction was the reaction of the guests, who filled us with compliments for the photos, the album and the choice of the photographer (but we congratulate them all on her!), Some friends near the wedding have it so appreciated as to have chosen it also for their wedding. And believe us when we tell you that in his photos we are all more beautiful! If you want exciting, never dull photos that will make your heart beat every time you look at them, Alice is the photographer for you.

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By lissi.mas
I used their services for my wedding

After evaluating the work of other photographers, we had no more doubts about entrusting Alice Franchi with one of the most important tasks for what is the best day in the life of a future couple! Without hesitation and without even asking for a quote, we relied on her, who showed availability and professionalism right from the start. He listened to us and gave us valuable advice, given his vast experience in the field ...
A few months before the event, he accompanied us to our beloved Portovenere to personally evaluate the places where the ceremony and reception would take place. Even then, with a few clicks, we broke the ice and entered perfect harmony, the same as on the wedding day.

Alice, Francesco and Cristian have taken care of every detail and from their shots you can feel the intense emotions of that magical sun-kissed day full of love !!!
And now, after just over a month, we look at their work in ecstasy (or rather "masterpiece"): the   our GREAT day seen with their GREAT heart ... They have captured all the happiness, love and joy of those unrepeatable moments.
Alice, I always knew that you would be our photographer, I knew it even before I received the marriage proposal and the result was even more surprising than I ever expected!
Thank you so much!

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Price range
What is your basic price for wedding photography?
What services do you offer?
How would you describe your photography style?
What are your terms of payment?
Il pagamento suddiviso il 30% per prenotare la data dell'evento 40% prima dell'evento e il restate 30% alla consegna del lavoro. Il pagamento può essere eseguito tramite bonifico o PayPal
What's the minimum advance notice that you need?
More than 6 months
Do I need an appointment?
Appointment not required
Is there a charge for travelling to other places?
Possible travelling expenses
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
Sicuramente molti persone che contatta, rimane colpito dalla spontaneità che trasmette la foto. Questo è il mio punto di forza.
How long has your business been running?
Do you work alone or have a team to cover the wedding day?
Team fotografico. Ad ogni evento sono sempre presente insieme alla mia squadra da 2 a 3 fotografi in base all'evento.
How long will it take for your clients to receive their photos/video after the wedding?
Di solito le foto (consegnate in HD) sono pronte dai 2 ai 4 mesi. E' possibile richiedere la consegna anche in soli 3 settimane.

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