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Have you ever wondered what beauty is? Why do we continually search for this concept?

BEAUTY IS AN EXPERIENCE! An experience capable of satisfying the soul through the senses.

We look for it in everything in life: beauty in a person, in a sunset, in the preparation of one's wedding.

It is a subjective concept when it comes to aesthetic beauty, and it is even more so when it comes to inner beauty.

And this is the inspiration I pursue when I imagine a new event.

I imagine living an experience that involves not only the senses but also the soul: sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, mind and heart.

The VIEW … satisfied with the harmony of shapes and colors, with enveloping and rhythmic shapes.

SMELL … is one of the most powerful weapons because it manages to make an instant memory echo in us. What's sweeter and more intense than a scent of seasonal flowers and leaves?

HEARING ... the sounds are able to trigger emotions of deep emotion and unconditional joy. Every moment is punctuated by a perfect soundtrack that remains with us.

The TASTE … I water at the very thought !!! The culinary experience represents the triumph of flavors, that moment of joy in savoring a dish expertly designed and created by the hands of skilled chefs.

The TOUCH ... the texture of a tablecloth, the softness of a pillow, the texture of the paper ... are small details that stimulate positive sensations.

... and then INTANGIBLE BEAUTY ... the experience of finding oneself and one's values in an object or in an installation, in the care that is offered, in the pampering that is received, in a simple smile or in a phrase said with kindness.

Everything passes through the mind and then reaches the heart, to find that deep meaning within everything.

And that's why EVERY DETAIL, even the smallest, HAS GREAT VALUE FOR ME!

Because each element is impregnated with that beauty which, through the mind, reaches the heart.

Our Mission

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience. Sharing the shape of your desires, letting you enjoy every moment of the preparations assuming every organizational burden. We will accompany you until the big day, where you will be overwhelmed by the most dreamy emotions, we will take care of the rest as you like.

Our Vision

The love for this work pushes us to reinvent ourselves every day, to always reach new goals and attend the wedding world with authority and competence.

Our greatest success is to deliver more than we promise to our customers. Our greatest ambition is to pursue excellence and offer it to anyone who knows how to appreciate it.

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