Wedding Photographers in Minas Gerais (3)

Wedding Photographers | Belo Horizonte - BH

In 2010, the couple of photographers Maraíse Silva and Júlio de Freitas started Two Photography Cliques , uniting their talents and passions. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to marriage and family records. Knowing the demands, listening, taking an interest in the stories and turning everything... See +

Wedding Photographers | Ouro Preto

Lucas and Luiza , two photographers born and raised in historic Ouro Preto , have always learned to observe beauty in every detail and to eternalize them in beautiful photographs. This is the work done in Voal Photography . Passionate about the art of storytelling through images, Lucas and Luiza... See +

Wedding Photographers | Conselheiro Lafaiete

Thiago Amado is a wedding documentarian who is passionate about telling true love stories. His job is not only to film the big day, but to show in the movie the style, the couple's personality, the beginning of the lovebirds' walk and maybe even a little later. Each film is made to be a... See +

Wedding Catering in Minas Gerais (2)

Wedding Catering | Belo Horizonte - BH

The Vo Jovina is in Belo Horizonte and prepares wedding buffets ranging from the most modern to the most classic. Here the food is prepared and seasoned with love , just like grandma's house , with a taste of want more! On a whim, you go, talk, listen, try, try, fall in love, stay in doubt,... See +

Wedding Catering | Belo Horizonte - BH

To serve to your guests a menu thought out in detail to please everyone present. This is one of the commitments of Carolina Sa Buffet & Events . With the commitment to make each event an absolute success, Carolina Sá buffet professionals develop personalized menus , in the right measure, including... See +

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