Wedding Photographers in Livorno (3)

Wedding Photographers | Livorno città

I am a daydreamer and a life-saver. I love seeing the world like children do, marveling at the little things that people usually overlook. The photographs are emotions and I am thrilled every time I pick up my camera. I love having the camera in my hand and making it my story telling tool. My camera... See +

Wedding Photographers | Livorno città

Passionate photographer and always looking for new stimuli, Elena Bucelli tells her most beautiful emotions through her elegant and refined shots: on her wedding day she will be a discreet and always attentive presence. Experience Deepening her knowledge path, she becomes passionate about black... See +

Wedding Photographers | Donoratico

Raul Gori is a professional photographer who began his journey into the world of photography attracted and inspired by the charm of the majestic Tuscan landscapes. A passion passed from father to son when digital was still a mirage. After having experimented in various fields in the world of photography... See +

Wedding Planners in Livorno (2)

Wedding Planners | Rosignano Solvay

The P&P pana ideas   born from the mind of the sisters Anna and Paola Palestra who moved to Tuscany from Milan decide to devote themselves, taking advantage of the years of experience gained in large companies, to what was their dream: to manage, create and organize   EVENTS . The brand follows... See +

Wedding Planners | Livorno città

Martina Roselli Eventi - is an " unconventional event planner " that has combined her passion for organizing events with her profession as a planner and has made her main use. Its analytical and concrete approach leads it to analyze all the details of the event and the ceremony, the relative... See +

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