Wedding Photographers in Brindisi (4)

Wedding Photographers | Brindisi città

If you have always wanted a dream photo shoot for the best day of your life, Inesse Handmade Photography is the best choice; specializing in professional services for weddings throughout Italy, these professionals will guarantee you a service of the highest quality. The highly skilled and experienced... See +

Wedding Photographers | Brindisi città

Marco and Alessandro Falcone with Alfredo Perchinenna, are the founders of the Studio Fotografico Cromatica in Brindisi. Professionals of wedding reportage for over 10 years, experience matured with simplicity and determination but above all with humility, at every service they love to experiment new... See +

Wedding Photographers | Brindisi città

Vincenzo Massaro tells stories of love forever, through wedding photography , traveling all over Italy , from Sicily to Milan and the beautiful Rome without forgetting the beloved Puglia . If you are looking for an artist photographer then admire his photos and enter his world . His photographs... See +

Wedding Photographers | Brindisi città

At momentary Lapse is a professional photo and video production company located in Ginosa but operating throughout the national territory. The team is made up of professionals in the sector, team work is one of the strengths of a photographic reportage with a real film-style film and sharing the intent... See +

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Wedding Locations in Brindisi (1)

Wedding Locations | Ostuni

The structure of the Masseria Grieco belongs to the sixteenth century and every detail that you can see speaks of the history of these places. In the large square in local stone there is a splendid little church, there are also typical elements such as the well and trulli, typical cone-shaped rural... See +

Wedding Locations | Fasano

Forget the time in the here and now of this place made of history and enchantment. If the essential was visible to the eyes, few landscapes, such as the Valle d'Itria and its centuries-old farms, would be able to make it manifest with equal instantaneous effectiveness. Masseria Excellence , a typical... See +

Wedding Locations | Fasano

Ottolire   is the story of an intense relationship with the stone of Valle D'Itria; stone with which are realized the dry stone walls, paved of   jazzi , but also homes,   trulli   is   cummerse . Ottolire is the story of a family with a strong vocation for the recovery and conservation of stone... See +

Wedding Locations | Brindisi città

Guna Beach is the ideal location for a wedding reception in an exclusive and enchanting beach surrounded by secular dunes, just a few steps from the Torre Guaceto reserve . Guna Beach has all the services necessary for planning and conducting the reception, from setting up the tables to floral decorations,... See +

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