Buffet Vanzetto (antigo Marakuthai)
Wedding Catering | São Paulo
If you want to delight your guests with an eclectic and tasty menu, you will enjoy visiting the Vanzetto Buffet . Chefs Renata Vanzetto and Aline Frey present a new proposal for parties and events: BUFFET VANZETTO. The venture symbolizes the repositioning of the Marakuthai Buffet , which completes... See +
Classic Lounge Bar & Eventos
Classic Lounge Bar & Eventos
Classic Lounge Bar & Eventos
Wedding Catering | São Paulo
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If you have not found a company that specializes in cocktail parties for your wedding party, it's time to visit Classic Lounge Bar & Events . The company from São Paulo came up to offer a new approach in the bar service. In the 10 years of market activity, it has the proposal to take to... See +
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