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Buffet Vanzetto (antigo Marakuthai)
Wedding Catering | São Paulo
If you want to delight your guests with an eclectic and tasty menu, you will enjoy visiting the Vanzetto Buffet . Chefs Renata Vanzetto and Aline Frey present a new proposal for parties and events: BUFFET VANZETTO. The venture symbolizes the repositioning of the Marakuthai Buffet , which completes... See +
Santa Gastronomia
Wedding Catering | Sorocaba
Time to choose the flavors that will win all your guests at the wedding party. By getting to know Santa Gastronomia you will find everything you have looked for and more. Santa Gastronomia is a buffet of Sorocaba that offers impeccable services , with the characteristics and culinary traits that... See +
Buffet dos Mestres
Highly recommended
Wedding Catering | São Paulo
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  • Menus from: $4,500
  • Capacity: 500
For 33 years working in Gastronômia, the Buffet of the Masters will transform your party in an unforgettable moment !! We take our Gastronômia to the place of its preference or we suggest a different space. Rustic space: the architecture refers to a vintage and striking design, built with period... See +

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