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Everything you need to know to have the best hairstyle and makeup on your big day, and the best beauty treatments too.


Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips to Be a Glowing Bride

Mar 23, 2016
In all the stress of planning for the big day, brides-to-be often neglect themselves and their skin suffers - to make sure you're as radiant and glowing as you ought to be, check out these beauty tips for clear, lustrous skin!

Project Juice Launches the Modern Bride Beauty Kit

Jul 3, 2015
Thinking about juicing? Check out Project Juice´s new Modern Bride Beauty Kit: less extreme than a cleanse, this kit has just the right amount of alkalizing, immune-boosting power to help brides (et al) look their best!

Ideas and trends in treatments for couples

5 Wedding Nutrition Tips To Be a Fit and Healthy Bride

Jul 26, 2018
The photos, the dress, the honeymoon - it's no wonder brides go to great lengths to look their best on their wedding day! Whether you are watching your waistline or just want to get healthy for the wedding, we have bridal nutrition tips to make sure you look and feel your best on your big day.

Trends in bridal hairstyling


The Best Hairstyles For Brides With Curly Hair

Mar 29, 2019
in this gallery you will find the best selection of perfect bridal hairstyles for curly hair, with both thick and thin waves, Take a look, get inspired and be the most elegant bride with the coolest hairstyle!

Trends in bridal makeup

Top 5 Makeup Looks For Your 2019 Wedding

Nov 30, 2018
Here's Zankyou's top 5 makeup looks for your 2019 wedding. They're perfect for both bold and daring brides or for those seeking a more neutral yet radiant look.