Wedding cake trends 2010

Wedding cake trends 2010

We love to help you out with your wedding planning! So, what about some sweet stuff for today and a quick peek at wedding cake trends for 2010? Oh yes, 2010 wedding trends go far beyond dresses and hairstyles. And when you think about how important a role food and beverages play in your big day, then getting the wedding cake right is a top priority!

We already told you about wedding cakes in 2009, and how brightly colored cakes, and especially black and white were the big thing (they still are, by the way). Well this year, there are other points to take into account:

* Height: Yes, we’re talking tall cakes – five to seven tiers tall. Not all the tiers have to be real, of course, but it’s all about reaching for the stars.

* Wedding trees: Like the cupcakes idea, but now for anything and everything, including mini cheesecakes, brownies or individual apple tarts. Or what about tiers made from bigger versions of these alternative cakes?

* Vintage: We all love vintage wedding dresses, but what about vintage wedding cakes? We’re talking plainer, square-shaped cakes with delicate decoration (see below) and sharper angles than the smoother rounded modern looks. Gold decoration also adds a vintage touch.

* Lace and flowers: Both major features on wedding dresses – why not transfer them onto your cake?

* 3-D decoration: Make your look stand out with relief work on the side of the cake – this creates texture and is the perfect way to add a touch of color.

Click on the link for pictures of Wedding Cake Trends 2010 from TheKnot!

Source: WeddingCake.OnSugar

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