The Most Unique Bridesmaids Gifts EVER

Unique bridesmaids gifts by Twiggy Originals, photo: Aesthetiica Photography

Besides being your BFFs, bridesmaids are your sidekicks, support and saving grace on your wedding day. Forget the fake pearls and thank them with this extra-special bridesmaid gift–a painting from Twiggy Originals!

Unique gifts equal fun photo ops, photo: Aesthetiica Photography
These bridesmaids are truly happy with their gifts by Twiggy Originals, photo: Aesthetiica Photography

Being a bridesmaid is a big commitment. If you’re searching for a really unique gift to thank your bridesmaids, Los Angeles-based artist Carla “Twiggy” Terwilleger will create one-of-a-kind paintings for your girls based on their likeness. Simply send her a photo and a few notes about your bridemaid’s individual style. Is she classic? Eccentric? Does she love ice cream or martinis?

As if the photos don’t say a thousand words, here’s the experience of a real bride.

“I simply told Carla in one paragraph what each of my bridesmaids hobbies or occupations were and what their favorite beverage was, and she truly captured each of their personalities and created a lifelong painting they they will adore forever. My six bridesmaids were so honored to receive such a thoughtful and fun gift and it was a treat for me as a bride to see their gratefulness. I recommend any bride to use Carla’s creative ability to provide unique gifts that the girls will cherish forever.” – Jessie Broughton

And who wouldn’t be this pleased to give or receive a gift this original? Twiggy’s fun and fabulous style of “femme fatales” make them the perfect paintings for your girls. The artist actually became inspired to create these unique gifts from her own bridal party experiences.

“Having been a bridesmaid more times than I have fingers, I know how much goes into a wedding. And I also have a lot of pearl earrings and monogrammed picture frames to remember each one. How much better is it to give your girls a gift that no one else has, is unique and fun, and customized just for them? Every time they look on their wall, they will think of your friendship and how much fun they had on your special day. I love “love” and weddings are a testament to all those you love–your honey, your family and your friends. Twiggy Bridal paintings allow them to take a little piece of that special day with them–forever. Because, let’s be honest, you know they’re not really gonna wear that dress again.” -Twiggy

(We think they might wear it again, especially if you choose sophisticated bridesmaid dresses.)

A painting for your wedding reception by Twiggy Originals

Twiggy’s paintings aren’t just for bridesmaids. Get a custom-made painting of you and your partner and show it off at the entrance to your reception, cake, gift or namecard table.

BRIDESMAIDS PAINTINGS – Standard size: 12X24
3-7: $125/each
8 or more: $100/each

BRIDE AND GROOM – Standard sizes:
24×30: $495
24×36: $550

For more information visit Twiggy Originals or check Facebook for her latest work.

Special thanks to Alicia Fierro of Aesthetiica Photography.

Is this the most original bridesmaids gift you’ve ever seen? Share your thoughts with us below.

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Alice Van
December 2, 2011

OMG these are the BEST! If I gave one to my girls, I would DEF want one of my own. Totally to die for.

December 5, 2011

These are fantastic! And the photos are really cute.


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