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How to Choose Your Wedding Date

You’re engaged! And now, as you calm down from sharing your blissed-out, high-on-love news, everyone wants to know the practical stuff: “Have you set a date yet?” Here’s how to choose the ideal wedding date for you … Continue reading

Winter weddings 2010 – planning

Crisp mornings and blue skies, or snowy days for spending around the fire. While winter definitely doesn’t have the same outdoor options of summer, it’s a great time for getting closer to the ones you love, and … Continue reading

Simple ideas for warm autumn wedding favors

Even though spring has only recently sprung in most parts of the U.S., many brides are already planning their autumn weddings. Here are some fall-themed favors that are sure to delight your guests and add to the … Continue reading

Tips For Your Summer Bride Emergency Kit

The big day is approaching and it’s time for last-minute solutions. There will surely be something you’ve forgotten, but don’t worry! Zk Magazine is here to help you with our Bride Emergency Kit for summer 2009!

Backup plans for your outdoor weddings

Aaah, summer weddings – rosé wine, peep-toe shoes, BBQs, a backyard reception perhaps? But what if it rains? The weather is something not even the most organized bride can control, so what you need is a good … Continue reading

Original Party Favors for your Summer Wedding

Those of you getting married in summer 2009 will be putting the final touches onto your big day. The dress is bought and your color scheme selected. Now it’s just the favors and last touches of decoration, … Continue reading

Fall Weddings are Just Around the Corner

  Fall weddings have the potential to be truly beautiful occasions inspired by this vivid season, with such a rich array of colours for your wedding palette. In addition, September weddings could still enjoy some late summer … Continue reading

Table centerpieces for your wedding

Your guests will be sitting around the table for a good part of your wedding, so they will be sure to notice your table centerpieces. These features are a key part of your decoration and can help … Continue reading

What to wear at an Easter 2009 wedding

While all eyes will be on the beautiful bride at the weddings you’ll be attending at Easter, remember that, as a guest, whatever you wear will also be immortalised in the photos. So, if you still haven’t … Continue reading