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Romantic, magical and unique altars for your religious ceremony

If there is something that really fascinates us about weddings, it’s the ritual and tradition of a religious ceremony. In them, we can witness an undoubted romance, traditions that give us goose bumps and ultimately, surprising details … Continue reading

Prince William & Kate Middleton to wed April 29, 2011

Since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement last week, the world has been eager for more details about the royal wedding. Now the House of Windsor has announced the wedding date and wedding venue.

Inspirational & Unique Wedding Vows

The big day is getting closer and the question is always the same: Have you written your vows yet? While some of you may choose to follow the traditional ceremony structure and use tried-and-true vows, others may … Continue reading

Wedding invitation wording

Wedding invitations are the beginning of your celebration! You might have been planning behind the scenes for a good while, but for your guests, this is the first glimpse of what your wedding is going to be … Continue reading

Bilingual weddings – readings (IV)

Wedding readings are an essential part of your ceremony. Depending on where you get married, you will have access to a whole range of readings. Religious ceremonies must feature religious readings, while readings at civil ceremonies in … Continue reading

Bilingual weddings – Orders of service (III)

When you go on your honeymoon you’ll probably take a guidebook to help you find your way around your destination. The same goes for your wedding ceremony, as your guests need a guidebook to help them find … Continue reading

Bilingual Weddings – The Invitations (II)

It’s enough work thinking about the style of your invitation, the color and motif. Should they give something away about the dress? Should they hint at the color scheme or the flowers? And what about the content? … Continue reading

Bilingual weddings – vows (I)

You’ll remember we told you that Salma Hayek got married in Paris a couple of weeks ago. As descriptions of the ceremony filtered out, reports soon started highlighting the fact that the Mexican actress got married in … Continue reading