Spice Up Your Wedding Engagement Session: Fun and Funky Themes

Photo by Swoon Over It Photography

Variety and uniqueness are always welcome in the wedding industry, and we are loving these fun and different ideas for engagement sessions. Get inspired with these awesome themes!

On the wedding zodiac calendar, it’s the year of creativity. 2013 is the year for couples: to do what they love, what they want, and what they deem interesting and what suits their tastes. Frankly, we’ve grown so accustomed to the cute and vintage wedding engagement sessions and we’re looking for some pizzazz. It’s quite reviving to see couples put down the 40’s style attire, the tandem bicycles, and the often-used beach photography and look to what’s cool to THEM; and not what the wedding industry has said is cool.

If a change of theme-scenery via your engagement session is something weighing heavily on your plate, let these wonderful ideas inspire you to come up with another unique setting for your pre-wedding pictorial.

Photo by Alyson Hickey

A Slytherin-themed engagement session is quite epic, to say the least. If you are both hardcore Harry Potter fans or you both have deep love for another piece of literature, pull an interesting and noticeable idea from it and enjoy where your literary imaginations will take you.

Photo courtesy of Bridal Musings
Photo by Diana Rush Photography

We found this one to be the most adorable, simply because this couple had a massive love for bananas. They loved them so much, they incorporated the delicious fruit into nearly every shot. This session also gets our award for most “out of the box” because they brought in an absolutely random idea and created a very unique shoot.

Photo by Irene Abdou Photography

Trekkies will love this shoot, undoubtedly. Shot in Virginia, these two Star Trek fanatics got into character and had a fabulous time. Whether it’s a television show or movie that you are both die-hard lovers of, introduce elements of it into your photos or if you’re feeling bold, go all the way and act it out entirely.

Photo by Kreative Angle Photography

Couples become very health-conscious in the months prior to their wedding. Some couples were health freaks to begin with and it’s a brilliant idea to display their love for fitness (and each other) by adding their fit lifestyle into their engagement session.

Photo by M. Maler

While this couple used Water for Elephants as the inspiration for their e-session, we were in sheer awe with the elephant. Thanks to the unwavering magic of Photoshop, an elephant joined in on the fun; nevertheless, animals are incredibly majestic creatures, and they are amazing additions to any engagement photo.

Photo courtesy of Modern Country Designs

A hobby or traditional pastime brings in two elements we love: couples truly enjoying their shoot while doing something they both delight in, and it pays a small homage to the couples of the past who enjoyed doing the same thing and reveled in one another’s company.

Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to wrack your brains with the craziest concept for an engagement session; ask yourselves what you love to do together or what you love together and go from there. We’re looking forward to seeing other zany engagement sessions that will spring from 2013!

Did your/will your engagement shoot have a theme?

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