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Proposal Planning: The Next Big Trend?

Christmas marriage proposal - Photo via CNN

First Rosie, then Britney–’tis the season for engagements. At the sight of a shiny new engagement ring, the first question someone will ask is, “How’d he do it?” A proposal planner helps romantic guys that want to pop the question in a super special way craft the perfect proposal.

A relatively recent development of the growing wedding industry, the number of wedding planning services has skyrocketed. The new trend in weddings is originality and with that comes a sense of having to “out-do” another event with one that is bigger, better and more unique.

Marriage proposals are in the same boat. Popping the question is a very special and memorable event and guys are always trying to think of creative proposal ideas. Some will go to amazing lengths with elaborately staged proposals hoping their girlfriend will say “Yes.” Check out this mobbed wedding proposal to see what we mean. Some guys might be able to work out the details and organize the whole event on their own (possibly over the course of six years) while others might need a little inspiration and help in executing a creative and memorable marriage proposal.

That’s where New York City-based Brilliant Event Services comes in: The Proposal Planner™ Sarah Pease helps her customers create dream marriage proposals. It’s a four-step process that begins with a consultation with Sarah to discuss their future spouse, history as a couple and ideas for a knockout proposal. From there, Sarah offers three levels of engagement design: Full Marriage Proposal Planning, Marriage Proposal and Idea Creation, and A La Carte and Vendor Matching for those who already have a proposal idea but need help with the execution.

If you’re a man or woman (there aren’t really “rules” for engagements, just traditions) who’s looking for help in pulling off the perfect engagement, a proposal planner like Sarah might be just what you need. Based on your budget, her packages are fully customizable and suited to your desires down to the tiniest details. Want to decorate your apartment to resemble a fairytale forest? Would you like surprise your girlfriend on a sushi-making date? Whatever your idea, Brilliant Event Services can help make your dream proposal come true.

Photo courtesy of Brilliant Event Services
Photo courtesy of Brilliant Event Services
Photo courtesy of Brilliant Event Services

What are your thoughts on proposal planning? Are you hoping for a surprising and unforgettable proposal? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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January 12, 2012

Marriage proposals are getting so out of control. Well at least no one is putting rings in food anymore.


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