Michael Jackson Songs for Wedding Dances

The man sure could move.

We’ve already spoken to you about the surprise first dances organized by the happy couple. As brides and grooms are getting more adventurous and planning spectacular first dances, many of them have been inspired by the music of the undeniable King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who passed away last year.

With such a broad range of songs and music, Michael Jackson’s work fits in at any wedding entertainment, whether as slow song for smooching too (“You Are Not Alone” or “The Lady in My Life”) or a chance for your guests to strut their stuff on the dancefloor (Billy Jean).

But if you were a big fan of MJ and would like to dedicate a special moment of your wedding to him, why not dance your first dance to one of his songs? There are plenty of great examples to follow…

1) Surprise Billie Jean first dance from 1:29 to 3:32.

2) The dance starts with Jack Johnson, but Michael muscles in 1:10 to 3:31

3) This bridal party moves its stuff to a Michael Jackson medley from 0:29 onwards

For more ideas for Michael-inspired wedding party music, check out this post at Michael Jackson wedding songs post at About.com.

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