6 Tips from Newlywed Brides to Avoid Any Regrets on your Wedding Day

Splurge on a good photographer/videographer Photo: Alexandra Roberts

Project Wedding recently asked newlywed brides about their ‘I-Do Over’ list – what their regrets were about the details of their big day.

The best bridal advice comes from those who have recently been there and done that. Brides-to-be, take heed of some of the most popular answers:

1. Hire a videographer/splurge on a good photographer. According to Project Wedding, this was a biggie. Your wedding is a whirlwind day, and having a video of special moments you may have missed (you can’t be everywhere at once) will be a treasure that you’ll cherish for years to come.

As for photos, you really can’t skimp here. These images won’t just capture your wedding day atmosphere – they’ll likely adorn your home and be passed down for generations. Go with someone whose portfolio is filled with photos you love and want to replicate.

To Dance or To Chat? Photo: Alexandra Roberts

2. Balance your chatting-with-guests time and your time on the dance floor. Some brides said they felt they danced too much and didn’t get to see everyone they wanted to; others said they were so busy trying to speak to every guest and plus-one, they hardly got to enjoy the music and fun. The lesson? When it comes to making the most of your reception: everything in moderation.

Choose fun and positive bridesmaids

3. Choose your bridesmaids wisely. Another biggie. You want to be surrounded by positive energy and helpful people on your wedding day so that you can focus on having a great time. Choose low-drama friends and relatives that will you will make you feel comfortable when delegating tasks.

Photo via Color Me Beautiful
Photo via Color Me Beautiful

4. Have a makeup bag handy and/or hire a competent make-up artist. It seems like a no-brainer to tote along some lipstick, but many brides forget to bring a bridal emergency kit in the frenzy of their wedding day. Ask your makeup artist to stick around for a touch-up before the reception or photo session, or at least keep your Maid of Honor on mascara-run watch and at the ready with some lipstick, tissues, and powder.

5. Go over the exact wording of your vows with the officiant. Most religious leaders, judges, etc. have done this a million times and may feel the need to stick to the age-old wedding vow script, or at the other end of the spectrum, improvise their own comedy routine. Make sure you’re clear about exactly what you want to say and what you want the officiant to say.

Bride and Groom Alone Time Photo by Tommy Martin

6. Sneak in some alone time. Old wives’ tales be damned – let the groom see you in your wedding dress before the ceremony. Take time for extra photos of just the two of you, sans wedding party. If you must, lock yourselves in a closet for a few minutes. Your guests will wait, and you’ll treasure the moments together before going out to spend the most important day of your lives with your friends and loved ones.

Be sure to read all the great tried-and-true tips over at Project Wedding!

Partial Photo Credits: Alexandra Roberts

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