Introducing Gay Wedding Planner Carlos Melia

Planning a wedding can be a stressful event. What if you’re planning a gay wedding? We all know that gays and lesbians are a bit more particular when it comes to their tastes. With the recent passage of same sex marriage in New York last month, many gay couples are rushing to the altar in the state and all over the globe. We talk with Carlos Melia, gay wedding planner and travel specialist for his expert perspective.

Carlos Melia

Gays and lesbians are avid travelers so they are always looking to find new and interesting places to visit. They want something spectacular and out of this world for their weddings. Here is where Carlos Melia comes in. As a pro traveler, Carlos brings to the table close to 2 decades worth of experience. He gathers his ideas from all the things he’s seen and experienced thru his world travels.

Want to get hitched in Bangkok or tie the knot in Buenos Aires? No problem, with Carlos’ expertise and first hand knowledge of local cultures and more importantly local contacts, he will perfectly execute one of the most important days of your lives.

We recently chatted with Carlos for a two-part interview. He shared his thoughts about the future of gay marriage in the U.S and his new role in the growing gay wedding industry. Here is part 1 our Interview with Carlos Melia.

The Empire State Building showing its support for Marriage Equality

We know you are an avid traveler, how did you decide to branch out into wedding planning?

I spent most of my time on the road, exploring and reviewing travel services worldwide. The new wedding planning venture however, fell into my lap. I always wanted to do it, and as they saying goes – be careful with what you wish for, because I started getting offers. By word-to-mouth, I was referred to a high profile same-sex couple, which will be celebrating their marriage next year in Argentina along with 50 of their closest friends and family. They chose me as their official wedding planner and travel agent. I am really happy and excited to add wedding planning to my services, for the experience and significance of same-sex marriage. I’m proud to be actively part of this moment.

A modern day gay wedding cake

Do you see any challenges in planning an all gay wedding?

My biggest challenge is my own ethics right now. I only want to work and share this business with those that have endorsed and supported the LGBT Community throughout the years, regardless if they are gay-owned or mainstream. I do care about their commitment to the cause, not their interest in “pink money”. There is still a long road ahead and the important thing is to work with companies that support our rights, gay or straight.

Are there any projects you can share with us that you are currently planning?

I never stop, there is always something new in my head and on my horizon. Right now, as I mentioned I am planing a very high-profile wedding, which will take place next year in Argentina. I am also heading out for 2-month trip to the UK and then Africa, to cover and feature these destinations. Finally, for the last two years, I have ventured into Tourism/Hospitality Niche Marketing, working with mainstream companies and bringing them closer to the LGBT community. I am really enjoying this and staying open to new projects. My experiential travel blog BeenThereDoneThat where all I promote or feature venues and business tested by me personally, will always be a core focus.

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August 12, 2011

Nice article but it would’ve been nice to see an actual wedding he planned and come pictures also with tips.


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