Goodbye, traditional honeymoons; hello, mini-vacations!

Addio alla luna di miele tradizionale: molto tanti weekend di nozze!

Honeymoons are evolving. The latest trend shows that some couples are abandoning the idea of a traditional honeymoon right after the wedding, instead opting for a series of short getaways throughout their first year of marriage.

Though it’s doubtful this option will entirely replace a two-week jaunt through Europe or 10 days vegging out at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, today’s couples are reinventing the idea of a post-marital getaway.

More newlywed couples are opting for a series of weekend getaways rather than one big trip.
More newlywed couples are opting for a series of weekend getaways rather than one big trip.

The choice to do a series of ‘mini-honeymoons’ is partially out of necessity: couples have limited vacation time off from work, or they spend their budget on the wedding itself, leaving less of a honeymoon fund for an extravagant trip.

Other reasons are more romantic, such as the idea of extending your honeymoon phase throughout the whole first year of marriage, or allowing each person to create their own trip. Perhaps she wants a whirlwind weekend in Las Vegas and he’d like to hike in Yosemite. With a series of short honeymoon trips, no one has to compromise on their ideal vacation – you can do it all!

Maureen and Alessandro, a couple who created a Zankyou wedding registry earlier this year, chose to go on a series of weekend getaways, due to “the presence of a young child, work commitments, and the desire to please both of us.”

Maureen loves to travel, and was already thinking of all the most exotic honeymoon destinations imaginable as the couple planned their wedding. Alessandro, however, is more of a homebody, so they came up with a perfect compromise: a few weekend getaways to keep the bride from getting wanderlust, but trips that were short enough that the groom wouldn’t be longing for the comforts of home. We interviewed the couple about their non-traditional honeymoon(s) and their experience using Zankyou.

“Alessandro and I had already lived together for three years, and we have a beautiful 11-month-old baby,” explains Maureen. “Going somewhere far away for any length of time did not seem like the right idea, because Alessandro is married to his work, and leaving our son for a long time was unthinkable. So I got the idea of ‘weekend honeymoons'; some with our son – such as a weekend spent at Disneyland – and some just for us as a romantic getaway from reality.”

Maureen & Alessandro, honeymoon pioneers!

The couple’s friends and relatives loved the idea, and Maureen and Alessandro registered for different attractions and activities to be used throughout the year.

“Through Zankyou, I’ve divided the gifts into five weekends and selected hotels, restaurants, tours, dinners, etc. for each one,” says Maureen, who admits that she especially enjoyed this task, as she works in the tourism industry. “But I can say that, with a little imagination, Zankyou allows everyone to achieve their dream (honeymoon).”

The couple lives in Italy, but held their wedding in Paris, tacking on a few extra days after the ceremony to enjoy the first of their five mini-honeymoon weekends. “I registered for the flight, a hotel downtown for two nights, a tour of the city and a helicopter ride, and then a transfer to Marne Valley to take our mini-trip to Disneyland Paris,” Maureen explains. “I even registered for a breakfast with the Disney characters!”

“ was crucial since no other website allows you to choose a list of everything you want for your wedding, from hotels to attractions. It’s easy. I just found the cost, pictures and details from the official websites and copied them onto our wedding website. And when we went to Paris, I remembered who gifted each activity to us as we enjoyed them,” says Maureen. “It was nice to connect each experience to someone special.”

Are you considering a non-traditional honeymoon? Tell us about it!

This interview originally appeared at Zankyou Italy.

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