Dyeable wedding shoes

Dyeable wedding shoes
Dyeable wedding shoes

Getting the right color shoes is a difficult job. Everything has to look right on your big day, and good wedding shoes are no exception. Many brides look for dyeable wedding shoes in order to ensure that their wedding shoes are exactly the right color.

You might want to wear colorful wedding shoes (a growing trend) or perhaps you’ve found your perfect gold or silver wedding shoes, so have no worries. But if you are looking for dyeable wedding shoes, look no further. And it’s not only about color – if you want to dye your shoes a perfect white, this is also the way to go about it. And this service is also useful for your bridesmaids, so take note!

* Remember, you need to allow time for dyeing, so don’t wait until the last minute. Leave at least a month to dye your shoes.

* You’ll often be able to buy your shoes and get them dyed from the same supplier. This is the case with some of the references below.

* Use a reputable store. Ask your wedding dress supplier whether they can recommend anyone. Another good reference is a shop that sells clothes and shoes for dancing, as they will probably offer this service too.

* Remember to take a piece of your dress with you, especially if you’re looking for a perfect match. You can cut a small sample from the inside of your hem. If you’re dyeing them another color, such as the color on your wedding invitations, or even one of the flowers that reflects your color scheme, take an example in for the dye master.

* You can also dye your shoes after the wedding, hiding any marks on them and allowing you to re-use them in the future!

Some online services for dyeing shoes in the US:

Dyeable Shoe Company, Bellissima Bridal Shoes, Dyeables

Source: Dyeables

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