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Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings: Hot Wedding Bling for 2013

Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers

Passion, inner strength, abundance – the canary yellow diamond engagement ring is poignantly symbolic and enchanting to behold. This stunning gemstone is also a hot new trend in wedding rings for 2013.

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers in Houston Texas agrees that canary yellow diamonds are the latest craze. They have this to say about the rarity of these gems: “Yellow diamonds are one of the most common colored diamonds, but they are still considered rare… the intensity of the color will depend on the rareness of the stone, and generally they are called ‘fancy colored diamonds’.”

Whether referred to as “fancy” yellow or “canary” yellow, this beautiful stone makes an elegant engagement ring setting and an especially awe-inducing proposal with an element of surprise.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings from Front Jewelers
Yellow Diamond Black Gold Engagement Rings from Front Jewelers

What creates the yellow color in a diamond? When the diamond contains nitrogen molecules – considered an impurity – it reflects blue light, causing the yellow coloring of the gem. The degree of yellow coloring depends on the nitrogen concentration and the size of the stone.

Front Jewelers has an extensive collection of canary yellow diamond engagement rings “packed with fiery sparkle,” including some unique settings in black gold.

Singer Carrie Underwood with a Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Canary yellow diamond engagement rings are gaining popularity as more celebrity brides flash them on the red carpet. Perhaps it all started with singer Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring, an estimated 12-carats, which was co-designed by Jonathon Arndt with Underwood’s now husband, pro hockey player Mike Fisher.

Want a yellow diamond engagement ring similar to Carrie Underwood’s? You can get a gorgeous look-alike ring from DeBebians.

1.46 carat canary yellow round diamond engagement ring bridal set in 14k gold from Front Jewelers

We think canary yellow diamond engagement rings are trending bling for 2013 because they have the luster and elegance of white diamond rings, with an enticing, colorful twist.

What do you think of yellow diamonds in engagement rings? Let us know with a comment below!

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