Simple ideas for warm autumn wedding favors

Autumn Favors

Even though spring has only recently sprung in most parts of the U.S., many brides are already planning their autumn weddings. Here are some fall-themed favors that are sure to delight your guests and add to the overall ambience…

When we talked to you about autumn weddings, we mentioned the amazing array of colors that this season gives to the bride and groom…and their florist! If you’re planning on using the rich oranges, reds, browns and yellows of autumns for your decorations, you could always carry the theme through to your favors. But there are other ways of giving the gift of autumn to your guests.

Autumn chutney from River Cottage
  • Now that the cold weather is coming, it’s time to find ways of warming up…and there’s nothing better to do that than with a nice bowl of hot soup. Perhaps you’re planning on including soup in your wedding food, so why not present your gifts with a soup spoon with a recipe for your favorite soup tied to it.
  • Falling leaves are a sure sign of autumn and you may well have included this theme in your decoration and invitations. What about doing the same with your favors – with leaf-embossed coasters or leaf-shaped bookmarks, for example? Check out this page for more autumn leaf-inspired favor ideas.
  • The smell of autumn stretches a bit further than brightly colored leaves, so why not try and recreate it for your guests. Make a bucketful of this autumn-smelling potpurri and distribute into little sachets or glass jars to give to your guests.
  • As we said, autumn’s a time for warming up. So why not try and give your guests some autumn food? What about making a big vat of this amazing Medlar and Apple Chutney from the River Cottage Autumn series recipes (or better still, get someone else to make it for you?!) and then pot into small jars with a handmade label. Your guests will look back on your wonderful the next time they have a sandwich!

Are there any other typical autumn favors that you can think of?

Source: Channel4, WeddingFavorDiscount

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