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Choosing a wedding dress based on your zodiac sign
Choosing a wedding dress based on your zodiac sign

Just last week, the world was all aflutter at the idea that zodiac signs had changed. (Turns out, it hasn’t.) But it got everyone thinking about their signs and maybe sneaking a peek at their horoscopes once again.

Did you know there’s a book about wedding planning based on astrology? Never Throw Rice at a Pisces by Stacey Wolf can help you have the ideal wedding day based on the stars. Whether you believe in it or not, here’s a fun little guide to choosing your wedding dress based on your sign. Do these descriptions match your dream dress?

Ugly Wedding Dresses from Cosmopolitan
Ugly Wedding Dresses from Cosmopolitan

One of our favorite rags, Cosmopolitan, recently posted a hilarious slideshow of crazy wedding dresses.

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