A Photo Booth Alternative: Frame Your Guests!

Here’s a whimsical, affordable way to give your guests some photo fun at your reception.

These photos come from the wedding of Cecilia, one of our Zankyou editors in Brazil. Her wedding photographer, Aline Machado, snapped a series of ‘framed’ guests with sweet results.

All you need to replicate this at your wedding is a few large frames and a chalkboard or two. Pick up some affordable frames at a thrift store and spray paint them in your wedding colors, or in a neutral or metallic shade. Provide chalk so your guests can write you sweet well wishes.

This is fun reception activity for guests of all ages!

To recreate these fun photos at your wedding, designate an area of your reception hall as your ‘frame station’. Hang a pretty swath of fabric as a backdrop. Consider providing silly accessories such as wigs, sunglasses and feather boas. If your photographer has an assistant, you can ask that he or she be in charge of the frame station. Your guests will love it!

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    This is great. I’ve been to so many weddings with photo booths lately, and while they ARE fun, it’s nice to see something else too. These photos are just as cute if not cuter than the photo booth strips, and don’t cost $1200 for booth rental!

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