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5 Gift Ideas for A Beer Lover’s Wedding Registry

A set of beer tasting glasses from Red Envelope

A recent evolution of the wine snob, the beer geek is always on the lookout for the newest craft beers and knows which foods pair best with which brew. If you’re more of a beer connoisseur than a wine-o, consider adding some specialty glassware to your wedding gift registry so you can enjoy the latest IPA or exotic-flavor stout as it’s meant to be poured.

Just as red and white wines are poured into different types of wine glasses, different kinds of beer require different glasses based on flavor and consistency. Wheat-beer drinkers need a tall tumbler that widens at the top, while Belgian ale lovers need a shorter, stemmed glass. The different kinds of glassware compliment different styles of beer for a variety of reasons, including enhancing aroma, showcasing the appearance, and/or having an effect on the beer head. Several kinds of beer glassware have a stem which serves to prevent the body heat of the drinker’s hand from warming the beer.

Here are five gift ideas for beer lovers to add to your Zankyou Registry, the ultimate customizable wedding gift registry:

Beer tasting glass set from Red Envelope

1. Beer tasting glass set from Red Envelope This six-piece set ensures that you will have the right glass for every beer. So whether it’s a Belgian lager, craft porter or stout, beer will be experienced just as the brewer intended.

The Oxford Companion to Beer

2. The Oxford Companion to Beer (Oxford University Press, 2011) from With 1,100 entries, this is the comprehensive guide covers almost everything about beer and its history, with chapters written by 166 beer experts.

Hopside Down beer glass

3. Hopside Down beer glass from This glass if for those who prefer the bottle but want to keep it classy with a double walled, hand-blown glass to keep your brew ice cold.

Personalized pub pint glasses from Red Envelope

4. Personalized pub pint glasses from Red Envelope Drink in the comfort of your own home bar and make your beer-drinking experience truly unique with these personalized pint glasses.

Beer-making kit from Uncommon Goods

5. Beer making kit from Uncommon Goods For DIY beer lovers, here’s a kit that has everything you need to make 12 beers on your own.

Are you a beer geek, a beer lover or a beer connoisseur? Which beer gift would you like best? Shout it out in the comments below.

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Comments (2)

November 28, 2011

I’m more of a wine drinker, but my fiance is always talking about beer flavors being more complex. I think we should add the glass set to our registry and I should try drinking more beer!

November 30, 2011

My fiancee will definitely love this article. Thanks for the ideas!


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