The latest in wedding menus, including wedding cakes, hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, entrées, bar and cocktail list.

Serve This! 5 Signature Wedding Mocktails at Your Reception

A signature wedding cocktail at a wedding reception is a staple now, a fun way for the newlyweds to show … Continue reading

The Perfect Wedding Menu at The Westin Palace Madrid

Your wedding menu is one of the most important elements in your reception, it´s part of the celebration and something … Continue reading

2013 Wedding Cakes: Bold, Modern, and Eye-Catching

2013 is a new year for wedding cakes. Cake trends are slowly drifting away from soft, neutral tones and gunning for bright and beautiful hues, modern patterns, and artistic designs; 2013 wedding cake trends are certainly redefining … Continue reading

5 Delicious, Gatsby-Inspired Wedding Cocktails: Recipes Included!

The 1920s and The Great Gatsby are big inspirations for 2012 and 2013 weddings. Add a dash of this creative trend by having signature wedding cocktails that are reminiscent of the days of the Roaring 20s.

Mashed Potato Bars: A Winter Wedding Delight

A mashed potato bar at a wedding is a genius thought, especially if you are looking to have a “bar” at your wedding and a candy bar doesn’t quite fit your aesthetic.

For the Love of Lace Wedding Cakes

Grab a fork because you are going to eat this up! Lace wedding cakes are a deliciously popular trend at the moment, adding romantic appeal and charm to any wedding.

Divine Artisan Wedding Chocolates for Receptions & Wedding Favors

Artisan wedding chocolates are the epitome of sweet and sensuous decadence, perfect for serving at wedding receptions and for giving as wedding favors.

Unique Wedding Cakes Inspired by Art!

Contemporary confections give a creative nod to art history in beautiful art inspired wedding cakes! Whether you’re a fan of Impressionist paintings, abstract works or Art Nouveau, your favorite classic artworks can come alive in your wedding … Continue reading

5 Fun Wedding Reception Food & Drink Bar Ideas

Looking for new wedding reception food bar ideas that are fun, easy and delicious? Look no further! Here are some great suggestions for wedding reception snacking and fun grown-up beverage bar ideas, too.

5 Amazing Wedding Cake Ideas with Surprising Ingredients

Wedding tradition calling for the traditional wedding cake but your diet or desires calling for something else? Here’s some outside-the-cake-box inspiration for finding a specialty confection.

The World’s Most Glamorous Wedding Toast

The trend in the weddings right now is distinction. The quality of the celebration can be measured in the fine details. What’s more distinctive than 24k gold sparkling wine for your wedding toast?

5 Delicious Edible Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

“Killing two birds with one stone” can save you a time and money while planning your wedding, so perhaps you should consider edible wedding centerpieces!  They are a perfect for food-lovers, and work exceptionally well with family-style dinners. … Continue reading

Trend Alert: Family-Style Dinners for Wedding Receptions

Since your wedding reception is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate, why not serve dinner like you’re all sitting in your dining room?  Family-style wedding reception dinners are increasingly popular, as they provide an atmosphere of intimacy and togetherness. … Continue reading

Fun & Sophisticated Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Wedding Menu

If you’re having a Thanksgiving wedding, you’re blessed with the bounty of the harvest and so many delicious menu ideas. Hmm…how many ways can you use a hollowed out pumpkin?

Day of the Dead Wedding Cakes to Celebrate “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

November 2nd marks the traditional Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, a centuries-old celebration of life and death. While some might find it a little creepy for a wedding celebration, it’s becoming increasingly popular as … Continue reading

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