The latest trends and options for bridal accessories, including jewelry, veils, hair accessories and more.

8 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas from Etsy

The world is full of gorgeous gems and baubles, and the latest trend for the engagement ring is sans diamond … Continue reading

Many Different Styles of Bridal Head Wear by Hotsy Totsy

Today’s bride has a lot more to choose from then simply a hat or veil. Their options are limitless. Headwear … Continue reading

Watching the Time at Your Wedding

There is some debate as to whether a bride should wear a watch during the wedding ceremony, but for some it is simply impossible to part with their trusty timepiece. A beautiful wedding watch can also be … Continue reading

High Heel Protectors: Save Your Heels and Your day!

It´s a beautiful day for a wedding or an outdoor celebration, you´re all dolled up and have your killer heels on ready to take on the world.  All of sudden BAM! You sink about 2 inches into … Continue reading

Designer Spotlight: Tessa Kim’s Stunning Wedding Accessories

Tessa Kim is a name that is gaining momentum and popularity in the wedding industry. With the wedding accessories this hot store carries, it’s no wonder that we are in love with each piece that pops up … Continue reading

2013 Bridal Lingerie Trends: Bold Beauty, Playful Pin-ups & Classic Coquette

White and cream silks or lace still reign in the world of bridal unmentionables, but 2013 bridal lingerie trends will bring out boldly sensuous and playful colors in a big way, too.

2013 Wedding Dress Trend: Illusion Sleeves, Cuffs & Gloves

When an wedding dress has an “illusion” element, it creates a pretty semblance of bareness or that of embroidery and beading floating above a bride’s skin. Illusion sleeves, cuffs and gloves are a prominent 2013 wedding trend … Continue reading

Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings: Hot Wedding Bling for 2013

Passion, inner strength, abundance – the canary yellow diamond engagement ring is poignantly symbolic and enchanting to behold. This stunning gemstone is also a hot new trend in wedding rings for 2013.

What Jewelry to Pack for the Honeymoon: Trends for Fall 2012

Ivanka Trump once said, “I obviously have a great love and appreciation of jewelry, thanks to my mother, much to the dismay of both my father and my boyfriends.” Women love to accessorize outfits with their favorite … Continue reading

Beautifully Handmade Bridal Jewelry by Amy Torello

On the lookout for some unique and original bridal jewelry for your wedding day? Allow us to introduce Amy Torello, a passionate jewelry designer who wants to make you and your bridal party stand out on your … Continue reading

Best Trends in Bridal Accessories for 2013

Brides are making a statement this wedding season. The bridal accessories for 2013 are bigger and bolder than ever – and we have all the inspiration to style you and your girls from head to toe.

Pretty Pearl Engagement Rings: A Symbol of Harmony & Perfection

Not quite the diamond engagement ring type? Pearl engagement rings are a gorgeous alternative.

Flower Crowns: A Beautiful & Bohemian Bridal Hair Trend

It’s already been decided – you’re not wearing a wedding veil – so how will you top your gorgeous bridal hairstyle? With a forever feminine flower crown, of course!

Honeymoon Swimwear with a Vintage Flare

With the big day organized and all plans in place, it is time to think about the honeymoon.   For most of us the thought of hitting the beach or the pool can be daunting, you want to … Continue reading

Sea Glass Bridal Jewelry: Perfect for a Summer Wedding on the Beach

Sea glass, sea gems, beach glass, mermaid tears – no matter what you call it, sea glass bridal jewelry is ultra romantic and a little bit mystical. These pretty pieces are perfect for warm summer weddings. 

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